Basic tips

Ensure you are using one of the following supported browsers:

  • Windows - Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 only
  • Windows - Microsoft Edge (Version 38 or newer)
  • Windows - Chrome (Version 38 or newer)
  • Windows - Firefox (Version 36 or newer)
  • Mac - Safari (Version 8.2.5 or newer)
  • iPad - 2 and later (iOS9 or newer)
  • iPhone - 5 and later (iOS9 or newer)
  • Android - (Version 4.4 or newer)

  • Check your internet speed to make sure your internet is fast enough for smooth playback. We recommend a minimum internet download speed of 1.5mbps for video on demand content and 4mbps for live event content. You can test your internet speed by using a service such as If your download speed is slower, your viewing experience may be degraded. Please note that viewing a live video stream over a wireless connection can be unreliable

  • Disable ad-blockers or other browser extensions that may be interfering with the page. "Hard refresh" the page. This is done by pressing the "Ctrl-F5" keys on Windows or "Cmd-Shift-R" on Mac.

  • Close all instances of your browser then relaunch the browser and try again.

  • Clear your browser cache. You can find instructions for clearing your cache here.

  • Video playback is slow

    There could be a few causes resulting in slow or interrupted video playback. In general, if you’re connecting over Wi-Fi and experiencing constant rebuffering or other issues during playback, try moving your router to another location and away from other devices that may cause electrical interference. We recommend the following:

  • Move your wireless router to a more central location of your home.
  • Move your wireless router to an elevated surface such as a desk or on top of a bookshelf.
  • Clear clutter from the vicinity of your wireless router.