Who we are!

3sixty live and AOTV have combined to create AO Live, an Atlantic Canadian based company and a leader in live webcasting and video productions. Our sole focus is to provide a user-friendly platform (through free-to-view or pay-per-view) to showcase and provide access to live events streamed from Anywhere to be viewed Anywhere in the world.

AO Live has been providing live streaming and production services for over 20 years and our production partners have over 150 years of combined live production experience. AO Live's platform runs on the largest Live Content Streaming Delivery Network in the world and provides the highest quality streaming service. We have also partnered with one of Canada's premiere live streaming software developers to provide a best-in-class, webcasting and hosting application for organizations and viewers.

Webcasting on AO Live allows groups (regardless of size) to have customized, specific and focused pages as opposed to Facebook, YouTube and other similar platforms to reach their target audience, promote their brands and create additional revenue through local online advertising, sponsorship and pay-per-view. It also provides access to a much larger national and global audience as compared to traditional broadcast networks.

AO Live has developed numerous solutions to connect people globally and have offered live streaming for thousands of events in the performing arts, entertainment and sports genres including: Atlantic Ballet, Hockey Canada, Special Olympics, International Indigenous Speakers Bureau, International Floorball Federation, Curling Canada, World Canoe Championships, International Space Station, Gymnastics Canada, Wheelchair Basketball Canada, Holocaust Memorials, Volleyball Canada, East Coast Music Awards, Canada Games, Juno's, Baseball Canada, Atlantic University Sport, New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association and a large number of Atlantic, National and World Championships, tournaments, special events, concerts, festivals, etc.

AO Live has also provided production and technical consulting services to a vast list of producers and organizations and has also produced over 100 original television series’.

AO Live works with its content and delivery partners to ensure the best solution is provided for your individual streaming needs. Our full services solution includes production, set-up and design, scheduling, technical support, reporting and archiving.

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AO Live makes webcasting your content simple and easy!

⦁ full backend set up of your event/content (graphics, banners, text, etc.)
⦁ a custom link to promote your event/content and sell tickets
⦁ freedom to use your own production team or use our experienced production crews
⦁ tracking and collection of ticket sales and payments (no need for you to track or collect payments – we do that for you)
⦁ a countdown timer to build excitement leading up to your live event
⦁ a geographical breakdown of ticket purchasers and views
⦁ the ability to convert your live stream to video on demand


Turn-Key - AO Live provides you with simple, turnkey solutions. There is no heavy lifting, technical expertise or web & graphic design required. We do everything for you from the design and set up to collecting ticket revenue. All you need to do is advertise and promote your event.

Revenue Opportunities - Just because you can’t sell physical tickets doesn’t mean you can't generate revenue. In fact, with AO Live, you can sell well above the limited capacity of your physical space. You also keep 100% of the revenue from sponsored ad placements, pre-rolls, etc.

Live and On-Demand - Stream any live event from arts & entertainment to sports, concerts, fundraisers, etc. You can also archive these events and add them to your own On Demand channel. This allows you to repurpose your content and generate additional revenue while further engaging your audience and enhancing your brand!

Enhance Your Brand - The AO Live pay per view model provides reliable, high-quality streamed events on a world-class network. Offering your event on our platform allows you to command a higher price per ticket than you would using other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook live.

Expand Your Audience - Reach viewers around the world! By offering a virtual option you can reach more customers than ever before and expand beyond the limitations of your physical space. AO Live pay per view enables you to expand your customer base to the world and offers a sustainable revenue source that will remain long after we are back to business as usual.

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